During White Horse Theatre's rehearsal season from August until late October, the company offers five-week placements to university students and graduates, in order to enable them to take a look behind the scenes of the theatre, and to work as members of the production team.
Students can gain experience in as many departments of the production team as they wish – prop-making, prop-buying, costume-making, scene-painting, theatre administration, and stage-management. They also have the opportunity to sit in on rehearsals and watch the directors and actors at work.
Applicants should have good English skills and be interested in creative handicrafts. The production team consists of some thirty people, mainly British, and all with professional training in theatre production skills – actors, directors, designers of sets and costumes, needleworkers, carpenters, welders, prop-makers, scene-painters and stage-managers.


Students on placement are paid pocket-money of 50¤ per week and get free accomodation.


Applications can be sent to
White Horse Theatre
Bördenstraße 17
59494 Soest-Müllingsen