English Theatre Workshops – work in progress

In Theatre Workshops, groups of pupils (or groups of teachers) participate in drama activities – movement, mime, speech, devising theatrical scenes. The participants use drama techniques to explore together the themes of a play or a situation, under the guidance of an experienced workshop-leader.


Theatre workshops introduce a playful approach to the language, encouraging students to become actively involved. Everyone can be individually creative, while being part of a shared group experience. Our methods are enriched by regular contact with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford.


Workshops – for all learning levels - concern staging or performing using a practical application of the language in different fictitious situations. They offer a framework for 'all-round' learning, both cognitive and sensory drawing from and enhancing students' existing social skills. Theatre games and physical exercises take place in a relaxed atmosphere. Role-play enables a greater freedom of expression: inhibitions are broken down and the English language can be more easily used.


All workshops can be adapted for use in teacher-training sessions. The integration of drama techniques in the daily classroom situation can be learned and practised.


The fees for a theatre workshop vary: e.g., a 3-hour workshop with one workshop leader (max. 25 participants) costs Euro 195.- (Euro 65.- per hour) plus travel and hotel, if required.


If you would like further information please contact Diana Jackson - 0049 (0) 2222 / 614 51 - or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.