by Peter Griffith


Lena and Gavin are two 17-year-olds who meet on the beach in Brighton. She comes from a wealthy background – but he is penniless. She is German – and he is English.
On a trip to London they explore the sights of the big city...but what hope is there for their relationship?



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Extract from the script 'Dreaming in English'

Joe: Deckchairs. Deckchairs. Only two pounds. Deckchairs. Excuse me, miss. That will be two pounds please.
Lena: Sorry?
Joe: Your deckchair. Two pounds please.
Lena: I am sorry. I don’t understand.
Joe: Deck - chair - two - pounds.
Lena: I don’t understand.
Joe: Miss, you are sitting on a deck-chair. Deckchairs cost money. You must pay to sit on one of these deckchairs. You must give me money. Now. Please. Two pounds.
Lena: Money?
Joe: Yes, money.
Lena: But I have no money.
Joe: No money? Oh come on. They all say that. No money? Come on, give me two pounds.
Lena: I don’t understand.
Gavin: Excuse me, do you need help?
Lena: Thank you. I don’t know what this man is saying.
Gavin: Do you have a problem?
Joe: This girl is sitting on one of my deckchairs. She must pay two pounds.
Gavin: OK, this girl is a friend of mine. It’s not her deckchair. She’s looking after it for her grandmother. Her grandmother will pay.
Joe Grandmother?
Gavin: Look, her poor old grandmother is ninety-seven years old, and she can’t walk very well, and she has been using this beach since before you were born, so don’t you make such a fuss about a poor old lady...
Joe: All right, I give up. But if you ever use one of these deckchairs again, you will have to pay two pounds.
Gavin: Thank you. We understand.
Lena: Yes. (Deckchair-Joe exits)
Joe: Deckchairs. Two pounds a go. Deckchairs...
Lena: Thank you.
Gavin: That’s all right.
Lena: Thanks you for your help.
Gavin: No problem. Are you all right now?