by Peter Griffith


The terrifying Lord Morbus wants to take over Underearth and fill it with horrible man-eating woks! Only a truly good person can stop the evil Lord. So the shy village girl Gala is chosen to save the world. Armed with nothing but a mirror and a daisy-chain, Gala sets off on a dangerous journey over mountains and rivers, through tunnels and swamps – until she finally comes face to face with Lord Morbus…

Will Gala find a way to defeat the dreaded enemy before she is eaten? And which of her two travelling-companions can she trust? And how can she hope to save the world, when she is so shy?



Photos of 'The Dark Lord and the White Witch'



Extract from the script 'The Dark Lord and the White Witch'

Morbus: Gala my dear, you're so silly. Do you really think you can defeat Lord Morbus, the lord of darkness, the creator of the woks, the ruler of death, the kind of Underearth?
Gala: I don't know. But I can try.
Morbus: I am the most powerful person in Underearth! No-one can defeat me. No-one can stop me from being the king of Underearth.
Gala: What can I do?
Morbus: What can you do? What can you do? Let's see what you can do. You can amuse me a bit before you die. Wok! Come here!
Wok: Wok wok wok kark wok wok
Morbus: He's sweet, isn't he? And what woks like to do most people! Wok – come here. I've got something nice and juicy for you.
Wok: Wok wok lekker lekker lekker wok lekker wok wok
Morbus: Gala, my dear, I would like to invite you to a little dinner party. Not one where you eat, but one where you are eaten...