by Peter Griffith


Robin loves Jenny, and Jenny loves Robin. But then Robin is kidnapped by the horrible pirate Black Nick Sharkmuck, who wants to make Robin a pirate on his pirate ship; and Jenny must set off round the world to rescue him.


Will Jenny manage to find Robin? Will she manage to defeat Black Nick? Does Robin really want to be rescued or is he enjoying being a pirate? And is anyone in the audience safe, when the pirates are looking for people to rob?


Photos of 'The Tiger of the Seas'



Extract from the script 'The Tiger of the Seas'

Black Nick: I’m Black Nick Sharkmuck, the Tiger of the Seas!
I never wash my hair, and my feet smell of cheese.
In everything I do I am very very wicked.
I hate the royal family and I don’t play cricket!
Hardboiled Harry: He's Black Nick Sharkmuck, the Tiger of the Seas!
He never says thank-you and he never says please!
In everything he does he is very very wicked.
When he goes on a train he doesn’t buy a ticket.