by Peter Griffith


Josie is lost in a deep, dark forest where nothing is what it seems. She knocks at the door of a strange house. But who lives here, and what dangers lurk in the dark and stormy forest? Josie´s scary night builds to an exciting climax of suspense and fear...  


Fotos of 'Fear in the Forest'


Extract from the script 'Fear in the Forest'

Josie: My bicycle has a puncture. 
Grinner: Your bicycle has a puncture? That is not good.
Josie: And I am lost in the forest. 
Grinner: Lost in the forest? That is not good. This forest is very dangerous. 
Josie: Dangerous?
Grinner: Yes, the forest is full of danger. You must never go out in the forest at night - terrible things can happen there.
Josie: What sort of things?
Grinner:  I don´t know. I never go out in the forest at night. But tell me... 
  (We hear a scream offstage)
Josie: What is that? 
Grinner:  What? 
Josie: Someone is screaming.
Grinner:  I can´t hear anything.