de Peter Griffith


A Pinch of Salt est une nouvelle version dramatique du conte populaire anglais que Shakespeare utilisa comme base pour sa pièce «King Lear». Une histoire de rois fous et de princes arrogants, de serviteurs opprimés et de mendiants aveugles…une histoire pleine de charme, d’humour et de fantaisie douce-amère.



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Extrait du texte de la pièce 'A Pinch of Salt'

Llyr: Stand forward, Cordelia. You are my youngest daughter, you are my favourite. Now tell me: how much do you love me?
Cordelia: Father, this whole competition is silly.
Llyr: Cordelia this is your last chance: how much do you love me?
Cordelia: I love you…as fresh meat loves salt.
Llyr: What?…Is that all you can say?
Cordelia: Yes father. That is all I can say.
Llyr: You are my favourite, the one I love the most. And you don’t love me at all. I give you everything – I give you my love all these years. And this is all you can say. You love me “as meat loves salt”?
Cordelia: That’s right, father.
Llyr: Get out of my palace, you ungrateful girl! I never want to see you again! Get out! Cordelia, I never want to hear your name again. I never want to see your face again. You are an ungrateful wicked girl. Out of my house this moment! Go - and never come back!