by Peter Griffith


'Move to Junk' takes us into the terrifying world of cyber-bullying... which of her classmates is making Amanda´s life a misery? 



Fotos von 'Move to Junk'



Extract from the script 'Move to Junk'

  (Amanda’s smartphone pings)
 Amanda: Oh god – another mail.
 Stuart: Don’t read it. Just delete it.
 Amanda: I have to look. I have to know what people are saying about me. And maybe whoever’s sending these mails might have left some clue, so that we can work out who it is.
 Stuart: I still think you shouldn’t read it.
 Amanda: Oh god.
 Stuart: You see?
 Amanda: Yes, you were right. It’s getting worse.
 Stuart: Let’s see. “We don’t want you in our class. Why don’t you go and drown yourself?” Look, you mustn’t read any more of these mails. Just delete them all. And you have to talk to someone about it. Your dad, or your mum, or the counselling teacher in the school. You can’t face this on your own.