by Peter Griffith

Lee, Sandra, Dave and Penny want to save the world…

Inspired by “Fridays for Future” they argue and they demonstrate and they march.

This topical new play, written in simple English, introduces us to four young people who are committed to leaving the world a better place than they found it...

and if that means missing a maths lesson, then so be it!

Photos of 'Missing Maths'

Extract from the script 'Missing Maths'

Lee: I’ve had an idea.
Dave: No!
Lee: Listen:how many schools are there in Britain?
Dave: How many schools? No idea.
Lee: Roughly.
Sandra: Maybe thirty thousand.
Lee: OK, let’s say about thirty thousand. And every one of those thirty thousand schools has got a roof.
Penny: A roof?
Lee: A roof.
Dave: Well I hope they have.
Lee: So let’s try to get a photovoltaic roof over every school in Britain. So that every school makes its own ecological clean green electricity. We can do it on our own school first - to show how it’s done – and then we tell every school in the country how to make its own electricity.
Penny: I’ve got an idea too.
Dave: You’ve got idea? Are you sure?
Penny: Shut up.
Lee: Come on, give her a chance. Come on Penny, tell us your idea.
Penny: Well, I’ve been thinking.
Dave: No... I don’ t believe that.
Penny: You know I’ve always wanted to be a model.
Sandra: Yes, I think we know that much about you.
Penny: Shut up Sandra, you don’ t know what you’ re talking about.
Lee: Give her a chance, Sandy.
Penny: Well I thought, maybe I could design a new line in fashion clothing... and I could model it outside the school gates... and we could sell it to the crowds... and we could use the money to help save the world. Maybe for Lee’s photovoltaic roof.
Dave: That’ s great – save the world with Penny’ s knickers!
Penny: Then it could spread to other schools.
Dave: Wow - save the universe with Penny’s knickers!
Penny: You’re not taking this seriously. I think it could be really good.