by Peter Griffith

Frootsie and Mudge visit your school!  Frootsie thinks he is very clever... and Mudge knows that he is very silly. They make friends with the audience, using all the words that they have learnt in their English lessons. Together, they discover how to ask for food, and put on clothing, and sing action-songs. They visit the farm, and the town centre, and the zoo. . . But they feel happiest when they are in the school, with their friends. This play in very simple English is an interactive play for all beginners using easy vocabulary and bringing laughter and fun to English lessons.

Photos of 'Frootsie and Mudge'

Extract from the script 'Frootsie and Mudge'

Frootsie: Mudge, why are you scared of them?
Mudge: There are so many of them.
Frootsie: Yes, but there is nothing to be scared of.
Mudge: Isn’t there?
Frootsie: No. They’re really small
Mudge: Are they?
Frootsie: Yes. Look at them. Look at this one; she’s very small. What’s your name?
Child C: C
Frootsie: Hello C, I am very pleased to meet you. Please stand up.  Mudge, C is very small. Stand back to back. Mudge, look how small C is. C, this is my friend Mudge.  Can you say hello to Mudge?
Child C: Hello Mudge.
Frootsie: Thank you, C, this is very good. Now Mudge, say hello to C.
Mudge (nervous): Hello C.

the greeting goes on with several children… later: 

Frootsie: There - you see. They are all very nice.
Mudge: All of them?
Frootsie: Yes, all of them. They are very very nice. They are all your friends.