by Peter Griffith


Jack and his mother have no money, and no food. Then Jack climbs up a magic bean-stalk and finds himself in another land, above the clouds. Jack finds enough gold to help his family out of their poverty – but the gold is in the power of a terrible giant who eats children!


Jack and the Beanstalk is one of England's best-loved folk-tales. This dramatisation in extremely simple English makes specific use of the vocabulary available to pupils in the third and fourth school-years.



Photos of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'



Extract from the script 'Jack and the Beanstalk'

Jack: This is our cow. Her name is Buttercup. Come along Buttercup. (Jack enters with a cow)
Mother: Ah, good morning Buttercup. Now Buttercup, have you got some milk for us today? (the cow shakes its head)
Cow: Moo!
Mother: Oh dear, the cow has no milk for us.
Jack: Are you hungry, Buttercup? (the cow nods) I am hungry, and my mother is hungry, and the cow is hungry. What can we do?
Mother: We must sell something.
Jack: Can we sell this spoon?...Can we sell this bowl?...Can we sell this table?...Can we sell this chair?
Mother/Audience: No.
Jack: There is nothing else here!
Mother: We must sell... the cow.
Jack: Sell the cow? Sell Buttercup?
Mother: Yes, we must sell the cow. Jack, take Buttercup to the market, and sell her!