by Peter Griffith


Princess Caramella has lost her crown. The faithful knight Sir Gabalot offers to help her. Together they climb a mountain, they cross a river, they feed a dragon... and then they meet Taradiddle, the King of Thieves, and the princess must use her wits to trick him into giving back the stolen crown.


As well as providing an entertaining adventure, the play helps pupils to practice vocabulary that they meet in their first two years of learning English – colours, body parts, clothing, numbers up to ten, animals, directions, and weather.



Photos of 'Taradiddle'



Extract from the script 'Taradiddle'

 (we hear the sound of a storm)

Caramella: Are we near the top?
Gabalot: Yes, we are near the top now.
Caramella: It is cold up here.
Gabalot: Yes it is very cold here. Not warm.
Caramella: And not hot.
Gabalot: Right. Cold.
  (we hear the sound of wind)
Caramella: And it is very windy up here.
Gabalot: Yes, very windy.
Caramella: And it is cloudy.
Gabalot: Yes, there are lots of clouds. Dark grey clouds. It is cloudy.
  (we hear the sound of rain)
Caramella: And now it is raining.
Gabalot: Yes, it is raining.
Caramella: And now it is snowing.
Gabalot: Yes, snow is falling. It is very snowy. Everything is white.
Caramella: It is stormy.
Gabalot: Yes, it is stormy. We are in a snow-storm. Look at the white snowflakes.