by Philip Ridley


On the surface, Steven has everything. A beautiful wife, a successful business, and brand-new home. But beneath this glittering veneer lies a monstrous secret...


This fascinating and highly-praised new play by Philip Ridley received its first performance in the Soho Theatre, London in May 2007. White Horse Theatre presents Leaves of Glass for the first time in Germany.



Photos of 'Leaves of Glass'



Extract from the script 'Leaves of Glass'

Barry: You've always known how to make money, ain't you, brov.
Steven: ...I've worked hard, yes.
Barry: I know you feel it.
Steven: Feel what?
Barry: Fuck, Steve, it's about time. That's what I'm saying.
Steven: I don't know what you –
Barry: We've got to talk about it.
Steven: About what?
Barry: Jesus, Steve, don't.
Steven: Every time you fuck up you give me this...this...Like it's my fault.
Barry: Do you think it's your fault?