by Peter Griffith


Captain Eve Everbrave and Lieutenant Adam Action set off in the spaceship 'Starfinder' to explore the universe. On the red planet they find dangerous monsters…on the green planet they find a talking rabbit…but what will they discover when they reach the blue planet?


This charming and light-hearted play follows the two astronauts through a series of adventures, during which the relationship between Captain Everbrave and her intellectually challenged assistant gradually becomes the central issue of the action.



Extract from the script 'The New Blue Planet'

Adam: Captain! Captain!
Captain: Yes Adam?
Adam: There’s a big animal behind there!
Captain: What is it?
Adam: I don’t know. But it’s very big.
Captain: Do you think it’s dangerous?
Adam: I think so. Very dangerous. Come with me and look. There it is. What do you think, Captain?
Captain: I think it’s a rabbit.
Adam: It’s a very big rabbit.
Captain: But I don’t think it looks dangerous.
Adam: You never can be sure. We must be careful.
Captain: Look – it’s looking at us. (the rabbit hops forward and offers the captain it's paw) Er…how do you do?