by Peter Griffith


Algernon and Marmaduke are strong and brave and good-looking...or so they say. Their sister Fred is just a silly girl...or so they think. But when the family is in trouble, the brothers soon discover that Fred has qualities that they don't expect...

The Weasel in the Sack is a funny play written in extremely simple English.



Photos of 'The Weasel in the Sack'




Extract from the script 'The Weasel in the Sack'

Fred: Hello everyone! I'm home! That's funny, there's no-one here. They must be all asleep. Hello! I can sit here and wait until my mother and my brothers wake up.
[Algernon and Marmaduke creep up on Fred, throw a sack over her, and tie her up]
Algernon: Got you!
Marmaduke: Got you!
Algernon: What do you think we have in this sack, Marmaduke?
Marmaduke: I think we have a weasel in our sack, Algernon.
Algernon: Yes, a nasty weasel.
Marmaduke: And what do we do with nasty weasels, Algernon?
Algernon: We take them to the lake, and throw them in, and drown them.
Marmaduke: That's right, Algernon.
Algernon: Let's take this nasty weasel now and throw it in the lake.
Marmaduke: Now?
Algernon: Yes, now.