by Peter Griffith


Jimmy does everything wrong – he does not work at school, he watches TV instead of doing his homework, and he ends up unemployed. But in his imagination it is all different: the TV programmes he watches and the comics he reads show him what life could be like – dominating the world, loved by beautiful women, spotted on the street by a film-producer and given the leading role in a Hollywood film.


If only life could be like that! Soon Jimmy is no longer able to distinguish fantasy from reality. It is up to the audience to decide whether Jimmy’s success is real, or whether it is only a dream. The play makes provocative use of irony to encourage pupils to question the values on which they base their lives.



Photos of 'Future Perfect'



Extract from the script 'Future Perfect'

Max: Oh my god. That’s him. He’s the one. He’s perfect. Let’s go sign him up. Hey kid we want a word with you.
Jimmy: You mean me?
Max: Oh boy Mascara, look at that mean look in his eyes. He’s just perfect. Yeah you – just a friendly word. Come on over.
Jimmy: What do you want?
Max: You see Mascara, he comes straight to the point. This kid’s got style. Kid, I want to make you a star. What’s your name?
Jimmy: Jimmy Doramus.
Max: Jimmy, I am going to make you into a big big film star. You’re going to be the star of my new musical film.
Jimmy: Musical? But I can’t sing.
Max: That doesn’t matter. Look at Guildo Horn – he can’t sing either.
Jimmy: OK – I’ll do it.
Max: You’ll do it? Oh boy, you bet you’ll do it. We fly to Hollywood at three o’clock tomorrow. You’re made kid – you’re made.