by Peter Griffith


The famous girl-band 'Lip Gloss' consists of Elaine Higgs and Juliet Pomeroy. They appear on a TV chat-show and they tell the story of their career. Elaine comes from a very poor background – her father is an out-of-work miner, and she is unable to go on a class-outing because her parents cannot pay for it. Juliet comes from a wealthy family – her parents buy her everything she wants, and insist that she takes ballet lessons.
Elaine and Juliet meet at a talent contest and they agree to meet and write a song together. The song that they write is heard by Clive, a producer who becomes the girls' manager, and sets them off on their career. As the girl-band 'Lip Gloss' Elaine and Juliet become famous.
On stage, Juliet and Elaine appear to be the best of friends...but the relationship between the two girls is plagued by distrust and envy, resulting from their very different backgrounds...


Photos of 'Lip Gloss'



Extract from the script 'Lip Gloss'

Juliet: God I'm nervous.
Elaine: Don't be silly.
Juliet: It reminds me of my first gymkhana. Waiting with my pony, hoping he would jump well.
Elaine: I wouldn't know. I never had a pony.
Juliet: Sorry. It keeps slipping out.
Elaine: What?
Juliet: Little things – that remind you that you didn't have all the... advantages that I had.
Elaine: Look Juliet, have I ever complained about being poor, about being working-class? That's just the way it is. You lived in a huge house and had ponies and went to boarding-school, I lived in a tiny flat and had cockroaches and had no money. But that doesn't mean that I'm jealous.