by Peter Griffith


Gillian wishes for a perfect family...but her parents separate and all hopes vanish. This new play examines family relationships, and ranges from despair to hope as Gillian's family struggle to pick up the pieces after her parents' divorce, and discover what is really important in a family.



Photos of 'The Breadknife'



Extract from the script 'The Breadknife'

a letter Dear Jane,
I don't know how to write this letter. You will have noticed by now that I haven't come home tonight. I'm not going to be coming home again. I've fallen in love with someone I met at work, and she and I are starting a new life together.
I know this will hurt you terribly, and I am very sorry. As you know, things haven't been so good between us recently, so perhaps it's for the best. I wish you and Gillian a happy life without me.