by Peter Griffith


Barney is in Love with Zola, the new girl in his class: but he is too scared to speak to her. 

His friend Jake gives him a bottle of vodka "to get him in the mood". Will alcohol lead him to happiness with the girl of his dreams? 


'Drinking for Dummies' is a lively and entertaining comedy that gradually turns to tragedy...


Fotos of 'Drinking for Dummies'


Extract from the script 'Drinking for Dummies'

Tamsin: Zola - Barney - here you are! I´ve been looking everywhere for you. 
Zola: You have? 
Tamsin: I´ve had a great idea. You know, Jake and I are planning to go clubbing on Saturday - 
Barney: You are?
Tamsin: And we´d asked Barney to come along with us.
Zola: You did? 
Tamsin: And I just thought, why don´t we ask Zola along as well, and make it a little party - the four of us.
Zola: Well, I don´t know - 
Tamsin: Isn´t that a good idea? 
Barney: Yes. Good idea. 
Tamsin: Zola is new here, and so we can show her round. You can help show her round, can´t you Barney?
Barney: Er... Yes - yes, that´s right. 
Tamsin: What do you say Zola? Isn´t it a good idea? Come with us, and we´ll show you the town.