by Peter Griffith


Spot the dog likes eating chocolate, and he likes playing with children. But his owner Hilary doesn't know that he can also talk!


This charming play introduces small children to simple English – the children practise their language skills as they order Spot to perform his tricks. And then the audience gets caught up in the story as the lovable dog steals some chocolate from one of the teachers!



Photos of 'Spot the Dog'



Extract from the script 'Spot the Dog'

Hilary: Spot, do what I say. Come here.
Spot: Woofwoofwoofwoofwoof.
Hilary: Oh dear, Spot isn’t coming. Silly old Spot.
Spot: Woof.
Hilary: I know. Look Spot. Here is a biscuit.
Spot: MMMmmmm! (Spot comes to Hilary)
Hilary: Now, Spot, sit. Sit!!!
Spot: Hmmmh?
Hilary: Oh, he is not sitting. Spot, sit.
Spot: Hmmh?
Hilary: We must all say it together. I count to 3, and you say “sit”. Are you ready? 1-2-3-
Audience: Sit!
Hilary: Oh dear, he is still not sitting. Can you say it louder? Ready? 1-2-3-
Audience: SIT!!!! (Spot sits)