by Peter Griffith


Mr and Mrs Mouse have made a comfortable home in a clock. But problems begin when Mr Mouse eats too much cheese, and he is too fat to squeeze through the hole that leads to the outer world. This delightfully simple play is suitable for children of kindergarten age, and for pupils who are just beginning to learn English.


Photos of 'The Mice in the Clock'

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Extract from the script 'The Mice in the Clock'

Arthur: Yes, this is our bedroom. And this is the bed. I like to lie on our bed.
Isa: Yes, my husband likes to lie on the bed. Why don´t you do some work?This is the bedroom.
Arthur: Me? Work? Oh... tomorrow. 
Isa: What?
Arthur: Tomorrow I can work. Today I am tired. Today I lie on the bed. 
Isa: He is a lazy fat mouse.
Arthur: What is that?
Isa: Nothing, my dear
Arthur: Oh. 
Isa: Now Arthur, show us what is in the wardrobe.
Arthur: Me?
Isa: Yes, you.
Arthur: But I am resting - on the bed. 
Isa: Arthur, get up and show us the wardrobe. 
Arthur: Oh, all right. This is the wardrobe. And in the wardrobe... I keep my clothes. Here is my jacket.
Isa: His jacket - what colour is it?
Arthur: Green. 
Isa: Good - a green jacket. 
Arthur: And here are... what is this?