Primary school

by Peter Griffith


Susie Squirrel lives with her mother. Susie wants to go out and play, but her mother makes her help with the housework. However, instead of helping her mother, Susie runs away to play in the wood. Then she meets a fine gentleman – Mr. Fox. At first he seems to be friendly. But is he really a friend of Susie's mother, as he tells Susie?


Susie Squirrel is an entertaining play which is easily understandable for children that speak very little English. During the play, children can learn and repeat words for e.g. numbers and colours in a playful way.


Photos of 'The Tale of Susie Squirrel'



Extract from the script 'The Tale of Susie Squirrel'

Fox: Hello little girl.
Susie: Oh, hello. Who are you?
Fox: I am Ferdinand Fitzwallaby Fox. And who are you?
Susie: I'm Susie Squirrel.
Fox: I'm very pleased to meet you, Susie Squirrel. And where do you live?
Susie: I live in a nest, over there.
Fox: Do you? And why are you alone in the wood?
Susie: I'm...just playing, sir.
Fox: Just playing? How nice. Do you want a sweet?
Susie: That's very kind of you, sir. But my mother says: Do not take sweets from strange men.
Fox: Your mother is right, Susie Squirrel. Do not take sweets from strange men. But I am not strange. Look at me, Susie. I am not strange, am I?