by Alan Ayckbourn


Greg thinks that Philipp and Sheila are his girlfriend’s parents. Sheila thinks that Greg is her husband’s employee. Philip thinks that Greg is his wife’s lover – and Ginny knows that she is Philip’s lover and that she must end the relationship before her boyfriend Greg finds out about it...the situation escalates through ever-increasing lies and confusions until all the characters believe that they are the only sane one, and all the others are mad.


Which one of us can be sure that we can trust the person we love? The four characters in this turbulent comedy are all faced with this painful question. Out of their jealousies and deceptions Alan Ayckbourn has fashioned a superb comedy of hilarious misunderstandings.


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Extract from the script 'Relatively Speaking'

Greg: (casually) Who lives at the Willows, Lower Pendon, Bucks?
Ginny: (scattering her make-up then recovering) How did you know that?
Greg: Who lives there?
Ginny: (moving down beside him) Where did you find that address?
Greg: Sounds very grand. The Willows, Lower Pendon –
Ginny: Have you been going through my things?
Greg: No.
Ginny: Then tell me where you got that address from. I want to know.
Greg: It’s written on here. (He holds up a cigarette packet) Look. The Willows, Lower Pendon, Bucks. Anyone we know?
Ginny: No.
Greg: (rising) Who?
Ginny: (turning) My parents.
Greg: Ah. Well, you may have a lousy memory for all I know. I mean I could never be called a devoted son, my parents will back me up on that, but at last I can remember where they live.