by Peter Griffith

based on a novel by Charlotte Brontë


After years of being bullied and victimised, Jane begins her first job, and falls in love with her employer. But can she trust him? And what are the terrifying screams coming from the attic?


A new dramatisation of Charlotte Brontë´s masterpiece, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the famous author´s birth.



Photos of 'Jane Eyre'



Extract from the script 'Jane Eyre'

 Grace: Good morning Miss Eyre.
 Jane: Good morning Mrs Poole – er... Mrs Poole -
 Grace: Yes, miss?
 Jane: Last night's accident - did Mr Rochester wake nobody? Did no-one hear anything?
 Grace: Not that I've heard of. The other servants sleep so far off, miss, that they wouldn't have heard anything. Mrs Fairfax's room and yours are nearest to the master's. Mrs Fairfax says she heard nothing. Did you hear any noise?
 Jane: Yes – I heard someone laughing.
 Grace: Laughing, miss? It would hardly likely to be the master, would it, miss? Not when he was in danger. Perhaps you dreamed it.
 Jane: It was no dream, Mrs Poole.
 Grace: No miss? You didn't think to open the door and look out on the gallery?
 Jane: I did but there was no-one there.
 Grace: You might do better to keep it shut, miss, and bolted. We've never had any robbers in as yet – It's a quiet enough neighbourhood as any – but there's always a first time for everything. Now, it's time for the servants' breakfast. I've got my pint of porter and a bit of pudding – I'll take them up to my sewing-room. I shan't want for more.