by Peter Griffith


Two teenagers see a robbery - and soon they are involved in an exciting chase through the streets of London... 


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Season 19/20

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Extract from the script 'Honesty'

Tim:  Hey, you there, stop!
Annie:  Somebody stop him! He´s a thief!
Tim:  Where is he going?
Annie:  Down to the left there - he´s going towards the station.
Tim:   Quick -  head him off!
 Annie:   Grab him!
 Tim:  Somebody stop that man!
Annie:   Stop that thief!
Tim:   Catch him!
Annie:   Stop that man!
Tim:   Where is he?
Annie:   He´s over there!
Tim:   He´s in the station!
Annie:   He´s running down the platform!
Tim:   He´s getting on the train. He´s getting away!