by Peter Griffith


We are in great danger - a terrifying monster is about to destroy the world!


And the only person who can save us is... a small girl with silver hair?



Photos of 'Silver Jane'



Extract from the script 'Silver Jane'

 Jane: Lots of old people have white hair. But no-one else has silver hair, like me.
 Agnes: You are our special silver baby.
 Jane: And then, I seem to know so much.
 Angus: Do you?
 Jane: Yes – at school I seem to know... more than anyone else.
 Agnes: Well, we’ve tried to teach you things.
 Jane: Yes, but you can’t even read and write... and I can do advanced trigonometry in my head.
 Angus: Yes, you always were clever.
 Jane: And I seem to be stronger than other people.
 Agnes: Stronger?
 Jane: Yes. I’m stronger than... a bear.
 Angus: I’m sure that’s because of the good food your mother gives you.