by Peter Griffith


Two young detectives and their dog investigate the mysterious death of Miss Blightwell's pets. But only Snuffles the dog is clever enough to understand the danger coming from the leaking yellow-and-black barrels in the neighbours' yard. In the end, with the help of the village policeman, the terrible truth emerges: Miss Blightwell is living next to a storage dump for used nuclear fuel! Fortunately, the Minister for the Environment is able to promise that all will be well.


Through the irony of the play's ending, the audience is encouraged to consider the environmental problems caused by the nuclear power industry and the world's high demand for energy. The accompanying Teachers' Pack contains contributions from Greenpeace as well as material from the nuclear industry.


Photos of 'BDS and the Faceless Ghost'

Season 22/23

Former productions



Extract from the script 'BDS and the Faceless Ghost'

Minister: I promise that this radio-active storage-place will be closed. Everything will be moved away, and the area will be cleaned up.
Proon: That sounds better, madam.
Minister: So you can all live in health and peace here, and no-one in the village will be in danger again.
Proon: Bravo!
Minister: And as a special gesture of goodwill...the government will give your friend a new hamster, a new canary, and a new goldfish!
Deirdre: Oh wonderful. Miss Blightwell will be pleased. But what will you do with all the radio-active waste?
Billy: What will we do with the nuclear waste that is stored here?
Minister: Er...well, all the used nuclear fuel will be taken away from here, and stored...somewhere else!
Proon: Ah well, that's all right then. Well madam, I'm so glad everything has turned out happily in the end.