von Peter Griffith


Eine kleine Schauspielergruppe will einen Spionagekrimi aufführen, aber die zwei Männer im Ensemble haben nicht damit gerechnet, dass sich die Hauptdarstellerin weigert, ihre entwürdigend sexistische Rolle zu spielen. Wie können die zwei Männer es schaffen, die Vorstellung zu Ende zu spielen?


The Girl with the Golden Wig ist eine Komödie, die geschlechtsspezifische Rollenstereotype in der Welt der Unterhaltung hinterfragt.



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Dee: I'm quite happy to tell the story of Dick Bond and Silas Queeze. But if you want the story to be filled with ridiculous brainless women who fling themselves at Dick Bond all the time, then you will have to find someone else to play these parts.
Mel: Oh my god I give up. I can't work with this sort of attitude.
Ray: Wait a minute, Mel. Dee's just given me an idea. We must find someone else. Leave it to me. Right you lot, as you've seen, we've got a bit of a problem. One member of our cast is...indisposed. So we need to find someone else to take over the role. Someone who's a bit open-minded. Someone who doesn't mind a little bit of...er...well, you know what I mean. Is there anyone here who thinks she might...No-one?