by Peter Griffith

The Green Knight is set in the time of the legendary King Arthur and his court.
An enormous green-skinned knight challenges Arthur's knights to a test of their honour. Sir Gawain accepts the challenge but notices too late that the green knight has magic powers.
So he begins a dangerous adventure through sinister forests and icy mountains until he stands face to face again with his rival.
How can the honourable Sir Gawain prevail in a world of magic and sorcery?

Photos of 'The Green Knight'

Saison 22/23

Season 19/20

Formers productions

Clip of 'The Green Knight'

Extract from the script 'The Green Knight'

Bertilak: Hail King Arthur, king of England
Arthur: Er- welcome to my court. Do come and join us. I'm afraid we don't have any more chairs - but if you don't mind standing, we were just about to have dinner.
Bertilak: Thank you, your majesty. I am not hungry.
Arthur: Perhaps something to drink?
Bertilak: Thank you, no. I am not here to eat or drink, but for a different purpose.
Arthur: Oh yes? Well, how can we help you?
Bertilak: I have heard that the knights of King Arthur's round table are the bravest and most honourable in the world.
Arthur: Yes, I think you're right. My knights are the bravest and most honourable in the world - aren't you Lancelot? Aren't you Gawain?
Lancelot: Well, I think I am, anyway. I'm not sure about Gawain.
Gawain: Of course I'm brave and honourable - more than Lancelot.
Arthur: Yes, they are fine knights - both of them. The best knights in the world. Now, how can we help you?
Bertilak: I am here to test them.