by Peter Griffith

The Tyrants' Kiss is a new contemporary version of Shakespeare's play Pericles.

Perry sets on a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean. He is twice nearly drowned... he is imprisoned... he looses his wife, his daughter, and all his posessions. But he never loses his courage and his hope. Can he ever find happiness?

This play is written in modern English, closely following the story-line of its Shakespearean original... and at the same time revealing depths of frightening contemporary relevance.

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Season 22/23

Season 19/20

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Extract from the script 'The Tyrants' Kiss'

Antioch: So now you're coming with us.
Perry: But my family – my things – my clothes -
Antioch: I don't see any family. I don't see any things.
Perry: My things – they're with my friends...
Antioch: Oh, so you have friends. Who exactly are your friends?
Perry: They're... I don't know.
Antioch: You don't know who your friends are?
Perry: No. I've forgotten. I have no friends.
Antioch: No friends. How unfortunate.
Thaliard: How unfortunate.
Antioch: You are an illegal immigrant, with no right to be in this country.
Perry: I told you. I had papers. They were stolen. I've been to the embassy. I've applied for new papers. You can't take me away. You've got no right.
Antioch: You're the one with no rights.
(Perry reaches for his pocket)
Thaliard: Stand still!
Antioch: Keep your hands up! Now Thaliard, see what's in that pocket.
Perry: Keep off me.
Thaliard: It's money, boss.
Antioch: So it is. Money.
(Thaliard takes the money)