Elementary level

by Peter Griffith


Robin loves Jenny, and Jenny loves Robin. But then Robin is kidnapped by the horrible pirate Black Nick Sharkmuck, who wants to make Robin a pirate on his pirate ship; and Jenny must set off round the world to rescue him.


Will Jenny manage to find Robin? Will she manage to defeat Black Nick? Does Robin really want to be rescued or is he enjoying being a pirate? And is anyone in the audience safe, when the pirates are looking for people to rob?


Photos of 'The Tiger of the Seas'



Extract from the script 'The Tiger of the Seas'

Black Nick: I’m Black Nick Sharkmuck, the Tiger of the Seas!
I never wash my hair, and my feet smell of cheese.
In everything I do I am very very wicked.
I hate the royal family and I don’t play cricket!
Hardboiled Harry: He's Black Nick Sharkmuck, the Tiger of the Seas!
He never says thank-you and he never says please!
In everything he does he is very very wicked.
When he goes on a train he doesn’t buy a ticket.

by Peter Griffith


Algernon and Marmaduke are strong and brave and good-looking...or so they say. Their sister Fred is just a silly girl...or so they think. But when the family is in trouble, the brothers soon discover that Fred has qualities that they don't expect...

The Weasel in the Sack is a funny play written in extremely simple English.



Photos of 'The Weasel in the Sack'




Extract from the script 'The Weasel in the Sack'

Fred: Hello everyone! I'm home! That's funny, there's no-one here. They must be all asleep. Hello! I can sit here and wait until my mother and my brothers wake up.
[Algernon and Marmaduke creep up on Fred, throw a sack over her, and tie her up]
Algernon: Got you!
Marmaduke: Got you!
Algernon: What do you think we have in this sack, Marmaduke?
Marmaduke: I think we have a weasel in our sack, Algernon.
Algernon: Yes, a nasty weasel.
Marmaduke: And what do we do with nasty weasels, Algernon?
Algernon: We take them to the lake, and throw them in, and drown them.
Marmaduke: That's right, Algernon.
Algernon: Let's take this nasty weasel now and throw it in the lake.
Marmaduke: Now?
Algernon: Yes, now.

by Peter Griffith


Gary Walker, the world-famous pop star, is giving a concert in Glasgow. Liz and Janice are fans of his, and they don’t want to miss the concert. So they decide to take a day off school and hitch-hike to Glasgow.


What difficulties and dangers will Liz and Janice encounter on their journey? Will they get to the concert in time? And what will happen when the two girls finally come face to face to their idol?



Photos of 'We Love Gary'



Extract from the script 'We Love Gary'

Liz: Oh Janice, he’s wonderful.
Janice: Yeah.
Liz: He’s so handsome.
Janice: I think he looks a bit old, when you are near to him.
Liz: What are you talking about? He’s beautiful. His eyes…and how he moves…and his voice…oh, I can’t wait till his next concert.
Janice: His next concert? But it’s in Glasgow.
Liz: I want to be there. We can go, can’t we?
Janice: But it’s miles away.
Liz: We can go there. Come on…we can go by train.
Janice: A train ticket is too expensive. We haven’t got enough money.
Liz: Janice – I want to go to all of his concerts. I want to always be there, near him, when he sings.
Janice: I think you’re mad.
Liz: Oh come on Janice! I love him! Hey, I know how we can go there...