Elementary level

by Peter Griffith


Josie is lost in a deep, dark forest where nothing is what it seems. She knocks at the door of a strange house. But who lives here, and what dangers lurk in the dark and stormy forest? Josie´s scary night builds to an exciting climax of suspense and fear...  


Fotos of 'Fear in the Forest'


Extract from the script 'Fear in the Forest'

Josie: My bicycle has a puncture. 
Grinner: Your bicycle has a puncture? That is not good.
Josie: And I am lost in the forest. 
Grinner: Lost in the forest? That is not good. This forest is very dangerous. 
Josie: Dangerous?
Grinner: Yes, the forest is full of danger. You must never go out in the forest at night - terrible things can happen there.
Josie: What sort of things?
Grinner:  I don´t know. I never go out in the forest at night. But tell me... 
  (We hear a scream offstage)
Josie: What is that? 
Grinner:  What? 
Josie: Someone is screaming.
Grinner:  I can´t hear anything. 

by Peter Griffith


Two teenagers see a robbery - and soon they are involved in an exciting chase through the streets of London... 


Photos of 'Honesty'

Season 19/20

Former productions


Extract from the script 'Honesty'

Tim:  Hey, you there, stop!
Annie:  Somebody stop him! He´s a thief!
Tim:  Where is he going?
Annie:  Down to the left there - he´s going towards the station.
Tim:   Quick -  head him off!
 Annie:   Grab him!
 Tim:  Somebody stop that man!
Annie:   Stop that thief!
Tim:   Catch him!
Annie:   Stop that man!
Tim:   Where is he?
Annie:   He´s over there!
Tim:   He´s in the station!
Annie:   He´s running down the platform!
Tim:   He´s getting on the train. He´s getting away!

by Peter Griffith


The traditional legends of Robin Hood are known and loved all over the world. But not quite so much is known about Robin’s girlfriend, Maid Marian. This play takes a new look at the traditional legends by placing Marian in the central role. The horrible Sheriff of Nottingham is trying to marry her, and Robin Hood needs her advice, and the Merry Men need to be rescued – but the resourceful Maid Marian is competent in every situation.


Maid Marian retells many of the traditional adventure tales of Sherwood Forest, and at the same time provides a strong role-model for girls – Marian is brave and capable and quick-witted, always managing to fool the Sheriff without needing to be aggressive. The play also provides excellent entertainment with lots of opportunity for audience participation – members of the audience are needed to play various roles on stage, and to help the actors throughout the play.


Photos of 'Maid Marian'



Extract from the script 'Maid Marian'

Merry Men: In Sherwood Forest lives a man
His name is Robin hood
He robs the rich to pay the poor
And always tries to do good.
But every hero gets his strength
From the partner that stands by his side.
So here’s the bravest girl in the world
Maid Marian, Robin’s bride.
Without her the Sheriff of Notttingham would win
And capture Robin Hood
So give three cheers for Maid Marian
In the Forest of Sherwood