Elementary level

by Peter Griffith


Josie is lost in a deep, dark forest where nothing is what it seems. She knocks at the door of a strange house. But who lives here, and what dangers lurk in the dark and stormy forest? Josie´s scary night builds to an exciting climax of suspense and fear...  


Fotos of 'Fear in the Forest'


Extract from the script 'Fear in the Forest'

Josie: My bicycle has a puncture. 
Grinner: Your bicycle has a puncture? That is not good.
Josie: And I am lost in the forest. 
Grinner: Lost in the forest? That is not good. This forest is very dangerous. 
Josie: Dangerous?
Grinner: Yes, the forest is full of danger. You must never go out in the forest at night - terrible things can happen there.
Josie: What sort of things?
Grinner:  I don´t know. I never go out in the forest at night. But tell me... 
  (We hear a scream offstage)
Josie: What is that? 
Grinner:  What? 
Josie: Someone is screaming.
Grinner:  I can´t hear anything. 

by Peter Griffith


Two teenagers see a robbery - and soon they are involved in an exciting chase through the streets of London... 


Photos of 'Honesty'

Season 19/20

Former productions


Extract from the script 'Honesty'

Tim:  Hey, you there, stop!
Annie:  Somebody stop him! He´s a thief!
Tim:  Where is he going?
Annie:  Down to the left there - he´s going towards the station.
Tim:   Quick -  head him off!
 Annie:   Grab him!
 Tim:  Somebody stop that man!
Annie:   Stop that thief!
Tim:   Catch him!
Annie:   Stop that man!
Tim:   Where is he?
Annie:   He´s over there!
Tim:   He´s in the station!
Annie:   He´s running down the platform!
Tim:   He´s getting on the train. He´s getting away!

by Peter Griffith

Four tale-tellers sit on a bench and show us why the Irish are famous for their amazing stories!

Conal tells of a queen who wants to eat her own daughter, and a prince who has two wives…

Niamh tells of a huge giant who makes a hole in a mountain, and an even bigger giant who dresses up as a baby…

Dermot tells of a sack that can talk… and a magic cow-skin that makes money if you hit it with a stick…

And Sinead helps the audience to decide which story is best!

Photos of 'Irish Magic'

Extract from the script 'Irish Magic'

Narrator: Hudden and Dudden are rich farmers. They have lots of land, and lots of cows, and lots of money.
Dudden: We are the richest farmers in Ireland.
Hudden: But we are not happy, are we Dudden?
Dudden: No, we are not happy, are we Hudden?
Hudden: Because we could be even richer.
Dudden: Yes, we could be even richer. Because between my farm...
Hudden: ... and my farm...
Dudden: ... there lives a nasty little man...
Hudden: ...a very nasty little poor man called…
Dudden: Donald O’Neary!
Hudden: Donald O’Neary has only one little field...
Dudden: ... and only one cow…
Hudden: ... and no money at all.
Dudden: But he is in our way!
Hudden: We want his land, don’t we Dudden?
Dudden: That’s right, we want his land – don’t we Hudden?
Hudden: And we are going to get his land, aren’t we Dudden?
Dudden: Yes, because we have got a plan.
Hudden: A plan! That’s right Dudden! We have a plan!